Midjourney en iyi 10 Prompt

  1. “Create a serene sunset over a tranquil lake.”
  2. “Illustrate a futuristic cityscape bustling with flying cars.”
  3. “Design a mystical forest with glowing fireflies illuminating the scene.”
  4. “Craft an otherworldly alien landscape with peculiar flora and fauna.”
  5. “Paint a majestic dragon soaring through a starlit sky.”
  6. “Compose a whimsical carnival scene filled with colorful characters and attractions.”
  7. “Capture the essence of adventure with a treasure hunter exploring ancient ruins.”
  8. “Depict a magical underwater kingdom teeming with vibrant marine life.”
  9. “Imagine a cozy cottage nestled in a snowy mountain village.”
  10. “Illustrate a surreal dreamscape where reality blends with imagination.”

These prompts aim to inspire a variety of imaginative and visually engaging scenes for AI to create artwork from.

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